IMPORTANT: How this book is different!

Long, long ago, you had a book — paperbound, great to touch and take with you everywhere. Sometimes you loaned it, lost it or gave it away. Unfortunately, if the book was on Canadian immigration, the maximum shelf life it could have is a couple of months at best, because immigration policy changes often. But check the retailers, and you’ll find books written eight years ago still being sold! This is so unfair as the book is completely outdated and only useful as kitty litter! Do NOT waste your hard earned money on these books unless they have the 2013 changes.
When I started thinking of writing a book on how to immigrate to Canada, I kept thinking that my book had to be “live.” By that I mean it couldn’t get out-of-date, but had to stay fresh and current thanks to e-book technologies. This book will be updated every time there is a new announcement or change. So you are always getting a book that has the latest information on how to immigrate to Canada.
Those of you who have bought the book will get FREE updates for one year! Cool, eh? (as we Canadians say!)
How it works!
You need to email your proof of purchase to  You will receive an email confirmation with a code and a link. Click the link and fill in all the details in the form including your code. Hit send!
Now sit back knowing that you will get all the new updates as and when they happen.
Nick & Catherine
P.S. Like the book? Write a review on the website you bought it from or email it to us at  You may get a surprise gift we are sure you will love!

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