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Nick NooraniNaeem “Nick” Noorani
Managing Partner, Destination Canada Information Inc.
When Naeem “Nick” Noorani speaks, he inspires his audience of Canadian immigrants into action. Why? Because he’s been in their shoes. Like the newcomers who come listen to his marquee speech 7 Success Secrets for Canadian Immigrants, Nick came to Canada in 1998 with hopes for a better life.


Born in Mumbai, India, Nick came with a world of international experience in the advertising business, but he faced many challenges in his new Canadian home, and he noticed that many other immigrants were also struggling.


The savvy marketer recognized an opportunity — not to mention an important social cause — when he saw one and, in 2000, Nick co-authored the hugely successful book Arrival Survival Canada (www.arrivalsurvival.com), subsequently published by Oxford University Press. The idea for spinning the book into a monthly magazine, Canadian Immigrant, came to Nick in a dream. He launched Canada’s first national magazine for all immigrants in 2004 and later sold the magazine to the Star Media Group in Toronto in 2007, while retaining his position as publisher. Nick also developed the magazine’s Lilian To Scholarship, giving away $55,000 of education to newcomers annually, and its national Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards.


But for Nick, the magazine has always been just one part of a journey that earned him the sobriquet “social entrepreneur and immigrant advocate.” In 2005, he became the host of his own weekly radio show called “Ask Nick” on Radio Canada International. In 2008, Nick launched an online networking site called ImmigrantNetworks.ca. And, in addition to countless hours spent volunteering with newcomers one-on-one, he has served on numerous community boards.


In August 2010, Nick resigned from the Canadian Immigrant magazine to launch Destination Canada Information Inc., a company dedicated to helping international students and immigrants before they arrive in Canada. He continues to speak to thousands of immigrants, inspiring them to go after success, as well as speaking to audiences of employers, service providers and stakeholders who work with or support immigrants in Canada.


Nick has also co-authored the soon to be released official handbook for Citizenship Immigration Canada titled “Welcome to Canada.”


Nick has won several accolades in his journey some of them are YMCA Vancouver Entrepreneur of the Year award, 2007 North American Association of Asian Professionals, Best Editorial award Canadian Ethnic Media Association, Canada’s Top 25 Canadian Immigrant award and HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for service to Canada.

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